pull up bar feature

Withstand to 200 KG:

Yes, now you don't need to worry about the weight-age. Use this pull up bar and get the best experience! Perfect both for newbies and experienced athletes.

pull up bar feature

Easy to Use:

The machine is extremely easy to assemble and is mounted rapidly to the walls. With a metal thickness of 2 mm, this is the perfect choice for you.

pull up bar feature

Super Kit:

Get a kit with all the accessories such as a ring to attach the punching bag.

pull up bar feature

Takes Limited Space:

The compact pull up bar takes limited space in your home!

What is Bar2Fit

Bar2Fit is a multifunctional fitness machine that you can use at home with ease and convenience. It's designed for many fitness functions. You can do abs, torso and chest exercises with it: it functions like a pull-up bar or dip bar.

If you're hesitating over which fitness product you ought to use, then Bar2Fit is definitely the right choice for you. For one thing, it will help you get fit and healthy. You can exercise the various parts of your body with it, so you'll develop strength in those areas. Furthermore, because you can get an intense workout with this machine, you'll also be improving stamina, flexibility, and muscle tone at the same time.

Bar2Fit is also an ideal choice if you want to lose weight. By exercising with it, you'll not only develop those muscles that you use during the workout, but you'll also be losing weight all over the rest of your body. This is because--whenever you're working out intensely--you lose weight and fat from everywhere on you, no matter which part you're exercising. You need an intense workout to do so, however--and this machine will certainly guarantee you an intense workout. Plus, this device is sturdy and durable. You can use it for several years without needing to worry about it breaking or coming apart.

Adjust It As Per Your Needs!

Feel free to change the difficulty levels! Yes, you can adjust speed and resistance so that, when you're using it to exercise, you get a workout that's tailor-made for you and your specific needs. If you want a faster, more intense workout that will kick you back into shape, then this is easily at your disposal. But if you'd prefer a routine that's slower and easier on your joints and muscles, then you can do that too. You don't need to have a lot of experience with workout machines--or even exercising in general--to use this machine, since it's user-friendly and geared toward accommodating everyone’s workout tastes, regardless of how simple or complex they might be.

Save Time!

This wall mounted pull up bar allows you to save a lot of time weekly. Yes, you can use it for short amounts of time – for as little as ten or twenty minutes--so you can easily fit exercise into a hectic daily schedule. You can use it for longer workouts, too, without worrying about clogging up a machine at the gym. Also, it spares you the time it takes to drive to the gym, get changed there, and take a shower when you're done. So there, that's an easy way of adding an hour or more of extra time to your schedule.

Our Customers Love It!

I am beyond impressed with this amazing and top quality pull up bar
machine. Extremely easy to use and mounted well on the walls without
any bells and whistles! I have used many fitness machines in the past
and I have to say this one is the best!

Honestly, for a newbie, it is extremely hard to pick a machine that can
really provide great results. This machine is extremely powerful and I
just love it. Very compact and perfect for chest and arms! Thank you so much for your help.

Wow. This home pull up bar is outstanding. It saves me a lot of time. I
don’t get time to go to gym and it was extremely important for me to
find a good alternative. I’m glad I purchased this amazing machine. It’s
very compact, fast to assemble and comes with 3 years of warranty.

I was trying to find a good fitness machine for so long. I even tried a
few cookie cutter options but nothing worked for me. One of my
friends recommended this home workout pull up bar and I immediately
grabbed it. Honestly, I didn’t expect much results but I’m so surprised!
This machine is totally amazing.

Bar 2 Fit is the perfect choice for you!

From the first time you use it to your final workout countless years later, Bar 2 Fit will help you stay in shape, develop muscles, increase your strength and stamina, improve your flexibility, and give you a thousand ways to lose weight. It truly is the ultimate fitness machine. So, if you're looking to start a new fitness routine--or even just revamp your current workouts--then give us a call today or purchase online. We'll be happy to help you evaluate your fitness needs. Carefully Designed! This amazing home workout pull up bar is very comfortable. Many workout machines will hurt you while you're using them--maybe their lack of flexibility makes them rigid and painful, or maybe their design causes you to injure your neck and shoulder blades--but Bar 2 Fit isn't one. When you use it, it won't cause you any pain--that is, of course, aside from the pain that you'll get from doing amazing work outs. You can use it for long periods of time while maintaining a high level of ease and comfort.


What is the maximum weight that can withstand bar2fit pull up bar

bar2fit bar can withstand up to 200 kg

What height should i mount on the wall?

Put the top of the bar at the tip of my fingers when standing on tiptoes with my arms raised.

Can I install this on a brick wall? If yes, what kind of bolts will I need?

You do not need to buy anything extra, all for install is in the set. You can use brick and concrete wall.

Are the grips on the wall mounted pull up bar detachable? And if so, where can I order them?

no they are not.

Can bar2fit be mounted on concrete walls?

Yes it can, but you must use a hammer drill To drill holes into the concrete and then use at least 4 to 5 inch concrete anchor bolts. Most basement walls should be 8 inches thick so I would not worry about it being brittle.

Can i install this bar in an outdoor concrete wall. (Rain, sun, weather)?

Yes, but I would be sure it is a covered area. It has foam on the bar and the bar is painted but would probably weather and rust at some point.

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