Exercises on Pull Up Bar Bar2fit

The Bar2Fit is truly an excellent piece of equipment due to the fact that there are a variety of different exercises that you can benefit from whilst using the pull up bar. The way that it has been designed means that you can do pull ups in a number of ways so that you are able to target more specific areas of your back which is absolutely crucial when it comes to developing those muscles.

There are so many smaller fibres that don’t get worked enough when doing a regular pull up, when your hands are generally wider, just outside shoulder width. Although those are fantastic for the upper lats, the rest of the muscle doesn’t get as good of a range of motion as it could compared to a supinated grip.

This is pretty much where your palms are facing you and they are slightly closer together at shoulder width. The closer you bring them in, the less emphasis you will be putting on the lats as a lot of the tension will be taken by the biceps and there are handles in the middle which you can use if the biceps are what you want to train.

You can also perform dips to work your chest and triceps but you can put more stress on each muscle by making some changes to your form. The straighter your body is, the more triceps are going to be involved and if you lean forward slightly, your chest will come into play significantly.

Abs can also be trained effectively by resting your forearms on the pads and holding onto the handles. All of your abs will be worked here but you would be doing leg raises which is an exercise to concentrate primarily on the lower abs; the area most people struggle to develop.

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