Wall Mount Hooks for Use – Bar2fit Pull Up Bar

Once you have purchased your Bar2fit pull up bar, you will find that there are different screws that you have to use to make sure that your equipment is fitted properly. It is crucial that you follow the instructions very closely because if you do not set it up correctly, the wall mount hooks could come out whilst you are using it and that of course could lead to injury.

First of all, you need to ensure that the place where the handles are that are used for doing dips and leg raises are at about shoulder height. After you have established where you want to have your Bar2fit pull up bar placed, make some reference points where the instructions tell you to by using a pencil or pen. These tiny marks that you make on the wall will help you see where you need to place the wall mount hooks to keep the pull up bar stable.

Hold the wall mount up to the reference points and you will see there are three little holes, put a pen or pencil through them to make three more marks. These are where you will drill three holes where you will place different screws and so on to keep the bar in position.

Prior to fitting the other wall mount hook, make sure that the first one is completely straight otherwise the pull up bar will be slightly lop sided and you carry out the exact same process. Once both the wall mounts are securely in, all you need to do is place your bar onto it depending on how you want to use it, so try experimenting with it a little to see how you can use it in different ways.

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